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Questo blog è nato per condividere con voi la mia passione per le bambole antiche e gli oggetti di piccolo antiquariato. Se volete scambiare informazioni i vostri commenti saranno molto graditi. Se avete deciso di rinunciare ad una bambola delle vostra collezione e desiderate adottare una delle mie, proponete uno scambio, sarò sempre felice di darvi una risposta!

Se siete in possesso di una bambola antica o vintage e desiderate una valutazione/ricerca contattatemi per chiedere un preventivo - tariffe ragionevoli!

This blog was born to share with you my passion for antique dolls and other vintage related items. If you want to post any info your comments will be welcome. If you decided to let one of your dolls go away and you would like to adopt one seen in my collection, just ask for an exchange, I will be happy to consider it and to communicate with you!

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mercoledì 6 aprile 2011


From my personal collection a view of small lovely boudoir items: two twins pincushion half dolls made by Lilli baitz artist, a couple of rare wigged bust, one in poured wax (black wig), the other in wax covered composition material (blond wig), two children half dolls (by kestner and Heubach), a mulatto bisque scowling indian, a wonderful and rare Baitz character dressed as a clown or joker, and finally in the center an unsual Hertwig doll with stuffed cloth body and porcelain head and limbs. She has a large mouth with teeth and shows a funny expression!

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